Periodical Property Right

Right of a real nature consisting in the use during one or more specified periods of the year, for housing purposes, of an accommodation unit included in a tourism or real estate project, in exchange for the settlement of a periodic cash benefit.
The establishment of periodical property rights  requires that the tourism project be rated as three or more stars, in accordance with the Regulations approving the Tourism Accommodation, Catering and Beverages Rating System.

The real right owner has full authorization to use all common areas and services provided by the tourism project.  The acquisition of a real right  is done through the signing of a sale and purchase agreement being the real right constituted through public deed at the notary public.  Each real right will have its own certificate issued by the property registry offices.

For each property, 51 periodical habitation real rights can be constituted.
The time allocated to each real right varies from 7 days to 30 days per year.

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